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Digital goes to be the longer term of work. does one wish to make a lucrative career during a profession powered by dynamic technology which will boost your creativity? If you're still reading this, you're at the proper place. Welcome to SD Production, one in all the leading professional training institutes in Bilaspur, that has excelled in providing job oriented technical courses.
We provide both classroom training and also online courses guided by material experts. The wide selection of courses taught by professionals not only help students develop deeper technological skills but enhance their knowledge in identifying practical solutions and find the foremost rewarding jobs.

  • SD Production is that the brainchild of Satish Sahu, director , SD Production, that has carved a distinct segment for itself as one of the leading ad film production companies in Bilaspur, catering to global clients, for over five years. Our technology arm Digital Eyecon provides leading edge technological solutions that help our clients build successful brands within the competitive market. This proven expertise in film production and integration of technology gives us a foothold to effectively assist online editing classes where students acquire skills to succeed and specialize in relevant areas. Our professionals enable students to possess hands-on experience of real projects, preparing them for the important world challenges.
  • We specialise in sharpening the strengths and addressing the areas of improvement. Our wide selection of online technology courses will open a brand new world of possibilities for your dream career. along side expert training, our well-structured courses with real time projects assist you build a particularly rewarding career in TV and film industries.As the top online destination for professional courses, SD production has helped several students shape successful and satisfying careers. We create the drive to attain excellence in each and each student with personalised attention.
  • The clear vision to raise the standards of the multimedia fraternity is the key factor driving SD Production. The methodology of teaching is in line with industry standards and instil confidence in the students to set new trends. SD Production not only helps you acquire skills but also broaden your job prospects. Hundreds of our students have been successfully placed across TV, film and corporate industries.
  • “I am pleased with the brand recognition that SD Production has achieved as a go-to destination for cutting Courses in Bilaspur since its inception a number of years ago. Synonymous with trust, quality and reliability, SD Production has consistently demonstrated our commitment to students’ growth while forging meaningful relationships with our partners from Indian movie industry and television networks. So I personally invite individuals who are seeking a lifelong career in Indian movie industry to hone their talent with practical knowledge and industry-specific skills at SD Production. Rest assured we'll strive to deliver true and tangible benefits to all or any concerned so as to remain at the highest of our way.”
    – Sateesh Sahu, Director



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